Market Leader of Steel Building
and Prefabricated Building Solutions

Merging quality and affordability is the primary goal of Duowei Union Group. We are a manufacturer of prefabricated buildings and building materials that can significantly reduce construction time and costs for businesses and consumers alike. Founded in 1983, we have been helping our customers thrive during the rapid economic expansion in China by developing our quickly installed and economical steel building systems and prefabricated products. Our high quality catalog of building products is highly diverse, making us a one-stop-shop for all of your structural assembly needs.

    1. Steel structure

      Low cost steel buildings are a great way to expand operations without investing incredible time and money into other types of structures.

    1. Container House

      The wall panels use Duowei energy-saving PU/new rock wool/glass wool sandwich panels, which have excellent heat-preservation and a nice look .

    1. PUR/PIR Sandwich Panel

      The results of experiments show that the products may endure a temperatures up to 200 ºC for short periods of time or 160 ºC for extended periods.

    1. Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel (New Type)

      Duowei’s fireproof mineral wool sandwich panel uses two-layer high quality colored steel sheet or other precision profiled metal plate as the panel board.

    1. Glass Wool Sandwich Panel (New Type)

      Our new glass wool sandwich panels are made from dual layer colored steel sheet that is bonded together with fire resistant glass wool.

    1. Color Sheet Steel

      Duowei color sheet steel combines the superior strength of steel plate and the corrosion resistance of oven cured paint that will last, providing you with strong and beautiful panels.