Roof Sandwich Panel, Mineral Wool

Duowei’s fireproof roof sandwich panel uses two-layer high quality colored steel sheet or other precision profiled metal plate as the panel board. After the board is rolled and shaped, stripped mineral wool is turned 90° (making its fiber perpendicular to upper and lower steel sheets). The shaped board has excellent fire prevention properties as well as thermal insulation. These are amazing choices for industrial building enclosure system.

Corrugation height: 42mm; corrugation pitch: 333mm
High rigidity, good drainage effect, strong negative air pressure resistant capacity, tight lapping, fast and convenient construction
Polyurethane side seal available/polyurethane side seal not available

Product features
Duowei fireproof rock wool roof boards use concealed nails for connection and boards are lapped together tightly.
They feature a unique waterproof groove design, effectively preventing rainwater leakage and avoiding the cold bridge phenomenon.
42mm corrugation height, greatly improving bearing capacity of roof board and also effectively lowering customer construction costs while ensuring thermal insulation effects; minimum roof slope can reach 3%.

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