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Sandwich Panel

Prefabricated metal enclosures provide long-tested solutions for unique buildings that are low cost and efficient. Our enclosure system technology provides roof and wall panels that satisfy all design requirements and perform outstandingly. Our sandwich panels are wind resistant, temperature resistant, thermally insulating and prevent leakage.

In terms of raw material proportioning and process output, Duowei PUR/PIR sandwich panel products employ the globally advanced six-component online automatic operation (SIEMENS) mixing and pouring technology and have realized six-component continuous foaming for the first time in China. The mixing techniques allow us to get desired results with great consistency.

Duowei’s fireproof mineral wool sandwich panel uses two-layer high quality colored steel sheet or other precision profiled metal plate as the panel board. After the board is rolled and shaped, stripped rock wool is turned 90° (making its fiber perpendicular to upper and lower steel sheets). The shaped board has excellent fire prevention properties as well as thermal insulation. These are amazing choices for industrial building enclosure system.

Our new glass wool sandwich panels are made from dual layer colored steel sheet that is bonded together with fire resistant glass wool. The construction panels feature excellent insulating effects and are completely fireproof. They are an outstanding choice for industrial enclosures.

This line of EPS sandwich panels features bright colors and excellent overall effects, such as heat preservation, fire prevention and waterproofing. These foam sandwich plates are found in many modern construction sites and are rapidly installed and easily assembled/disassembled. The advantages of the EPS material are numerous but the primary advantage is reduced costs when it comes to installation and heating/cooling.

The Duowei mineral wool sandwich panels are often used because of their excellent performance in sound insulation, heat preservation and fire protection. These insulated panels are highly efficient and have been proven to save you money when installed.

Our glass wool sandwich panels are composed of an upper and lower layer of color rolled steel plates insulated with glass wool. The mesh-type glass wool sandwich panel is a thermally insulating roofing material that substitutes stainless wire for the lower layer of color rolled plate.