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Polyurethane Cold Room Panel

System composition
Upper profiled sheet, six-component polyurethane material, lower profiled sheet

Cold storage board is to be connected onto the purline with tapping screws through lapping.

Product features
Concave-convex groove structure, improving tight insulation at board joints, especially designed for refrigerating chambers. The polyurethane cold room panels feature excellent thermal insulation performance and waterproof performance. The modular boards can be disassembled and reinstalled.

Product features
Board effect No. Thickness (mm)
Outer steel sheet Square corrugation DW-PUSP-S 0.5-0.7
Inner steel sheet Square corrugation S 0.5-0.7
Board width 1000 mm
Board thickness 100, 125, 150,175, 200mm
Board length 3-15m
Installation way Exposed screw
Decorative seam Available () Not available (√)
Performance parameters
Length ≤14mm
Thickness 100 125 150 175 200mm
Effective width 1000mm
Coefficient of heat conductivity 0.019Kal/mh ℃
Average density 35-55kg/m 3
Compression strength ≥0.2Mpa
Maximum working temperature 90 ℃
Minimum working temperature -120 ℃
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