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Polyurethane Cleanroom Panel

The polyurethane cleanroom panel is a board that features a composite color coated sheet that is widely used for the construction of cleanrooms because of its dustproof, anti-static and anti-microbial effects. Electronics manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies would be the most likely to use this type of panel due to their high environmental requirements.

Board type diagram

System composition
Upper profiled sheet, six-component polyurethane material
Connection way
Polyurethane purification board is to be connected onto the purline with tapping screws through lapping.

Product advantages
Environmental protection: green construction without formaldehyde, heavy metals or any other harmful substances.
Clean: anti-static material, surface free from dust accumulation
Moisture proof: hard to deform, no reduction in strength when wet
Thermal insulation: excellent thermal insulation effect, and energy-saving material
Corrosion resistant: acid and alkali resistance, excellent stain resistance for the surface

Application fields
Electronic industry
Pharmaceuticals industry
Medical peration rooms
Food industry

Product features
Board effect No. Thickness (mm)
Outer steel sheet Flat DW-PUCP-F 0.6-0.8
Inner steel sheet Flat F 0.6-0.8
Board width 1000mm
Board thickness 50, 75, 100mm
Board length 3-15m
Installation way Exposed screw
Decorative seam Available () No available (√)

Core material
Polyurethane, rock wool, glass cotton, EPS

Project cases
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