Hise Rise Steel Buildings Projects
1. Shenzhen Taiping Financial Building

Construction address: Shenzhen
Building height: 228m
Building area: 130000m2
Structural type: SRC frame dual tube of low-rise shear wall and truss
Steel consumption for steel structures:
Features: The Shenzhen Taiping Financial Building is a complex office building with a tower structure that has 48 layers above ground and 4 layers underground. The steel structure is 228m in height and the basement depth is 21m. The building has a total square footage of 130,000m2.

2. Shijiazhuang Letai Plaza

Construction address: Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province
Building height: 44 layers aboveground, 4 layers underground
Building area: 540000m2
Structural type: irregular steel structure folded board truss
Steel consumption for steel structures:
Features: The Letai Plaza project was a key commercial project for both Hebei province and Shijiazhuang province. The building is composed of a 29 layer high-end office building, a 44-layer office building, a 43 layer luxury Mariott Hotel and a 35 layer hotel/apartment complex. The construction also includes underground parking.

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