Large Span Steel Structure Projects
1. Ghana Ministry of National Defense Air Force Hangar

Construction address: Ghana Takoradi Institution
Building height: 68m, span: 25m
Building area: 17000m2
Structural type: three-layer grid structure
Steel consumption for steel structures: 3200t
Feature: Duowei has become Ghana’s primary contractor for large span steel structure projects.

2. Tajikistan HuzhengTe natatorium

Construction address: HuzhengTe City, the Republic of Tajikistan
Building height: 16.4m
Building area: 8370.39m2
Structural type: grid structure
Steel consumption for steel structures: 1300t
Feature: Our company undertakes steel structure and roof and wall maintenance and also is responsible for the architectural design, structure, water, HVAC, electricity and fire protection drawings. The roof uses a grid structure and column types vary. Circular tube columns and box columns are used. The area of maintenance is 6796 square meters and 100mm thick glass cotton is installed on-site.

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