Overseas Engineering

Our engineering management system covers the whole process for building design, steel structure design and construction materials design and manufacturing. Our overseas businesses mainly focus on industrial workshops, storage facilities, parking garages, hangars and other large scale commercial and industrial steel structures.

  • Designer discussing the project
  • Designer making 3D model
  • Welding members of overseas project
  • Constructor hoisting members of the project

Overseas Trade
Here is a quick look at our primary product categories that are commonly found in our overseas projects.
Prefabricated houses, polyurethane energy-saving sandwich boards, new fireproof rock wool/glass cotton sandwich boards, profiled steel sheet composite slabs, steel bar truss floor decks, rock wool sandwich boards, glass cotton sandwich boards, steel structure complete equipment.

  • Structures transported to the site
  • Prefabricated house constructed for the overseas project
  • Villa completing installation
  • Steel bar truss floor deck transporting to overseas
  • Overseas project using polyurethane sandwich board
  • Products loaded for transportation