Ideas for design-pragmatic
1.Design qualification
  • Grade-A Construction Engineering Design
  • Grade-A Light Weight Steel Structure Engineering Design
  • Special Grade-A for Building Metal Roof System Design and Construction

2. Design platform: Duowei Union group Co., LTD. was identified as "Beijing enterprise technology center" by the Beijing ministry of industry and information technology commission in 2012. We were also identified as a “Beijing design innovation center" by the Beijing science and technology commission in 2014. And in 2013, Duowei established "Duowei Union Group Co., LTD. technical committee".

Designer discussing the project

3. Team: Our highly skilled team of construction specialists consists of highly skilled professionals that are experts in the field of steel structure design.

4. Technological achievements: We have 80 invention patents, utility model patents, software copyright and other intellectual property rights. We have also worked to establish 23 national and industry standards.

5. Design tools: Duowei employs modern design techniques and tools. We use networking management from design to the finished product.
(1) Tongji University space steel structure computational analysis software 3D3S
(2) China construction science research institute PKPM series online edition software, including the STS, TAT, SATWE, EPDA, STAAD/PRO, SSDD software

6. Steel structure detail drawing design X-STEEL software
Production-study-research cooperation:
Duowei has established cooperative relations with some universities such as Xian Building University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, Tianjin university, Harbin industrial university, Beijing jiaotong university, China construction science research institute and so on, Duowei also hired a number of well-known experts and professors as technical advisers.