Equipment Platform Steel Structure

Our equipment platform steel structures are designed for non-standard frame support intended for heavy machinery. These steel platforms are often employed in petroleum, chemical engineering, steel and cement industries.

1. Tianjin Tiantie metallurgical equipment frame
Construction address: Dongli District, Tianjin
Building height: 29m
Building area: 13500m2
Structural type: cross column, H-steel column, H-truss
Steel consumption for steel structures: 2000t
Features: Board thickness is 80mm and member types cover the cross column, H-steel column and platform truss, etc.
Structures have dense layout and various types.

2. Datang Duolun coal industrial steel structure engineering
Construction address: Duolun, Inner Mongolia
Building height: 89m
Building area: 14000m2
Structural type: box type column, H-steel beam
Steel consumption for steel structures: steel structure 6000t
Feature: High strength box type column

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