Multi-Storey and High-Rise Buildings Steel Structure

Here at Duowei, we have devoted much effort and time into the research and development of multi-storey high-rise buildings that are designed for rapid construction for large scale steel structures. These building structures are intended for use as commercial buildings, office buildings and residential housing.

Our steel building systems are versatile as they allow for a variety of building styles including, all steel structures, steel-concrete combinations and composite structures. They can be constructed up to a maximum height of 160 meters with a single building area of 150,000 square meters.

1. Shenzhen Taiping Financial Building
Construction address: Shenzhen
Building height: 228m
Building area: 130000m2
Structural type: SRC frame dual tube with low-rise shear wall and truss

Steel consumption for steel structures
Feature: The Shenzhen Taiping Financial Building, next to Shenzhen Civil Central Plaza, is a complex office building. The tower building has 48 layers aboveground and 4 layers underground. The steel structure height is 228m, with a basement buried -21m below the surface. The building area is about 130,000 m2. A 5-layer annex building is connected at the west of tower building. The tower building, annex building and basement are connected into a whole.

2. Shijiazhuang Letai Plaza
Construction address: Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province
Building height: 44 layers aboveground, 4 layers underground
Building area: 540000m2
Structural type: irregular steel structure folded board truss

Steel consumption for steel structures
Features: Letai commercial center project, key commercial project for both Hebei province and Shijiazhuang province, is composed of a 29-layer high-end office building, 44-layer luxurious office building, 43-layer ultra-high Marriott hotel, 35-layer hotel apartment (LOFT) and ultra-large underground parking. With a total land occupancy of 65,000 m2, the Letai commercial center is a composite urban complex with multiple functions, such as a five-star hotel, shopping mall, entertainment, office, etc.

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