Duowei engages in advanced steel structure manufacturing and employs some of the industry’s leading technology. Our 20 production lines are equipped with a variety of steel working machines that combine for an annual production capacity of 250,000 tons of steel structures.

Semi-automatic cutting machine, intersecting line cutting machine, end-milling equipment
BOX structure production line
Shot blasting equipment
Shot blasting equipment

Using industry leading board manufacturing technology, Duowei has a manufacturing capacity of 30,000,000m3 prefabricated metal enclosure boards, 3,000,000m3 fireproof boards and 5,000,000m3 steel bar truss floor decks. Over the years, Duowei has consistently satisfied market demand and exceeds customer expectations with high quality and low cost products.

New building board production line

We have adopted a full set of equipment for automatic formula configuration and mixed foaming technology for various product requirements. Our sandwich board manufacturing equipment uses a chemical ingredient process to make the foaming operation more even and stable. We also use the most environmentally-friendly cyclopentane foaming process available.