Prefab Villa

Sometimes luxury can be made in a factory. Our light steel structure prefab villas are beautiful homes that can be fully assembled in our production facilities and transported to the customer directly. During development, we sought to create a prefabricated house that was high quality, efficient and attractive at the same time.

Environment protection: The steel structure and most of the materials used in the construction of our prefabricated houses are recycled. We also employ advanced energy conservation technology that features high insulation effects with a heat dissipation rate that is only 40% of a traditional house.
Anticorrosion, insect prevention: The galvanized steel material is anti-corrosion and helps prevent insect infestation.
Refractory, durability: all materials are non-combustible and meet all fire safety standards.
The design of the prefab villas is windproof and seismic resistant in case of natural disaster.
The modular villa is quickly constructed in all-weather scenarios.

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