Quality Control

Our company employs more than 200 project technicians including national Grade-A registered constructors, Grade-B constructors, registered safety engineers and seven other classifications. These experts help us design and build our steel structures and construction material products to ensure their quality and to keep our workers safe.

⇒ One Beijing municipal enterprise technical center
⇒ Two new building board laboratories
⇒ Design explanation

  • Test
  • Test process
  • Design explanation
  • Design discussion
  • Structure inspection and test
  • Structure inspection and test
  • Welding training
  • Introduced foreign production equipment
Quality Control

Duowei has formed a system that takes steel structures, building boards and equipment manufacturing experts and integrates a quality management system that follows the supply chain from raw materials inspection all the way to welding seam testing and finished product inspection.

  • Vertical position welding site of CO2 gas shielded welding
  • Double-partition electric slag welding
  • Nondestructive testing of welds
  • Three-dimensional preassembly of space members

⇒ 20 utility patents and utility model patents
⇒ 11 industry control software copyrights
⇒ 8 national standards and codes participated to be prepared
⇒ 9 industry standards and codes participated to be prepared

Steel structure installation

Duowei has participated in the construction of thousands of steel structure projects, including national, provincial and municipal key steel architecture plans. Thanks to our experience in the field, we have been able to develop complicated equipment to help facilitated the construction process. Some of these machines include the 1200t large crawler hoisting machine, the 2600t hydraulic gantry hoister, as well as advanced welding technologies and techniques.

Enclosure installation

Steel enclosure projects undertaken by Duowei usually feature a 360 degree standing seam type roof system. Roof systems and wall systems are mostly prefabricated at the plant and then installed on site. Installation is performed by our highly experienced technicians and they will perfectly construct the enclosure and ensure that all seams are sealed and the structure is securely fixed together.