1. Raw materials
In order to ensure the quality of our products, we choose only the finest raw materials available on the market. We have cooperative relationships with Bao Steel, ShouGang Group, Tianjin Pipe Group and other trusted enterprises because we know that we can expect consistent quality for our steel structure projects.

2. Detailed Design
Duowei has been awarded Class-A qualification for steel structure engineering and design. We have the experience and the right people to create high quality designs to make the highest quality buildings.

3. Production and Supply
With a yearly production output capacity of 300 thousand tons of steel structure, 30 million square meters of energy-saving panels and 5 million square meters of fire-resistant polyurethane sandwich panels, we have proven ourselves time and time again to be a reliable supplier of construction materials.

4. Products inspection and testing
Our professional quality inspection center and special field laboratories operated by our highly skilled engineers help ensure that all of our products and projects meet all the proper specifications.

5. After sale-service
Our service team can help you with any problems you may have regarding our products and actively work to solve any issue within 24 hours.